Oklahomans have a choice to make about the future. Do we invest in our citizens and our economy to create a brighter tomorrow? Or do we keep cutting higher education budgets and holding back people who want the jobs of today and tomorrow?

Join Oklahoma Tomorrow as we fight to increase the number of college graduates and enhance our state’s future.


For every $1 of budget cuts in the last three years

53 cents

came from our colleges and universities

Due to lack of college graduates in Oklahoma over


critical jobs are unfilled

A high school diploma will qualify for just


of jobs by 2020

  • “Whether it’s the challenge of providing rural healthcare or finding engineers for Tinker Air Force Base, we must all work together to fund the education that produces tomorrow’s critical workforce.”

    Bruce Benbrook, President and Chairman, Stock Exchange Bank, Woodward

  • “Nobody wants a nurse who hasn’t been properly trained on the latest equipment. We need to ensure public colleges and universities have the instructors and technology they need to prepare for the future.”

    Avilla Williams, President, INTEGRIS Edmond, INTEGRIS Health Division Chair

  • “Economic growth in Oklahoma depends on our ability to educate our young people to prepare them for the jobs of the future. It is critical that we act now to fund higher education so we can produce qualified candidates from Oklahoma’s public colleges and universities.”

    Ted Haynes, President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Tulsa

  • “There is no investment that will give greater return to both the graduate and the state than a college degree.”

    Gene Rainbolt, Chairman Emeritus, BancFirst Corp., Oklahoma City

  • “Properly funding higher education is the key to Oklahoma’s future. When we have well-trained people in all fields – including sciences, the arts, and law – we will have momentum nobody can stop.”

    Bradley A. Gungoll, Principal, Gungoll Jackson Law Firm, Enid/Oklahoma City

  • “Higher education is an investment. When the state puts money into colleges and universities, it gets much more back in productivity and growth.”

    Bert Mackie, Vice Chairman of the Security National Bank, Enid

  • “Today’s students represent the future of the state. We need to adequately fund higher education so they can get the skills and knowledge they need without crippling debt that will hold them back.”

    Stacy Shepherd, Executive Officer of Member Services, Choctaw Nation, Durant

  • “Access to higher education is absolutely crucial in the effort to break the cycle of poverty. There is no other single factor which more greatly influences the upward mobility and economic security of our citizens.”

    Chuck Garrett, Executive Vice President, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Catoosa-Tahlequah

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