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College grads create strong economy

By: Bruce Benbrook

The state government needs to learn a few lessons.

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Higher education should be a top funding priority for Oklahoma lawmakers

By: Glen D. Johnson

As we approach the mid-point of the 2017 legislative session, we must talk plainly about the importance of investing in public higher education.

Budget cuts to Oklahoma public higher education are the deepest in the nation. With cuts exceeding $157 million (16.4 percent) from fiscal year 2016 to FY 2017 and current appropriations below 2001 levels, funding has been set back a full generation. Reviewing our state's investment in public higher education in the national context creates cause for concern.

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Cuts to higher education 'go against what Oklahoma voters want'

By: Kathryn McNutt

Three-quarters of Oklahoma voters surveyed said spending state dollars on higher education is a good investment.

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College degrees are the new high school diploma, study finds

By: Paula Burkes, The Oklahoman

Forty-one percent of employers are hiring college-educated workers for positions that high school graduates mostly held. And 33 percent of employers are hiring more workers with master's degrees for positions primarily held by professionals with bachelor's degrees.

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Higher ed funding cuts hurt Oklahoma's future

By: Enid News & Eagle

Of all the state budget cuts that have taken place over the past three years in Oklahoma, for every dollar cut, 53 cents of it has come from higher education, Oklahoma Tomorrow CEO Devery Youngblood said.

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